Western Union Money Transfer

You can collect money sent by your loved ones from abroad through our Western Union remittance service.

You can collect the proceeds from any of the Singer Finance outlet located across the country. Receive international money transfers within minutes and fulfil your needs without any delay.

What are the key features and benefits ?

  • Receive money globally in minutes 
  • Hassle free customer service
  • Extended branch operating hours (Mon – Sat from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm)
  • Island wide branch network
  • Ability to open up a savings account along with a free Debit card and Online banking facility

What is required to receive the money?

You need to provide the following information

  • MTCN number (Money Transfer Control Number)
  • The sender’s full name
  • The country where the money was sent from
  • Beneficiary amount (Approx.)

What documents are required ?

You are required to present any of the following to collect/obtain money

For Residents

  • National Identification Card
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Valid Passport

For Non-Residents

  • Valid Passport

How much does it cost to receive money?

  • All fees /charges are borne by the sender and the receiver/Beneficiary pays No Fee for cash collection