Strategic Business Partner Of SINGER (Sri Lanka) PLC

Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC, a subsidiary of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC was incorporated on 19th April 2004 to operate as a finance leasing entity within the provisions of the Finance Companies Act No. 78 of 1988 as amended by Act No. 23 of 1991, which was subsequently replaced by the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011. With an avowed mission to become the foremost finance company in Sri Lanka, Singer Finance engages in the financing of capital goods, agricultural equipment and a variety of products marketed by Singer Sri Lanka, and of their own.



To continuously improve the quality of life of Sri Lankans by providing convenient financial solutions whilst encouraging savings by providing the most friendly and reliable fixed deposit Services within the regulatory framework.



To be the foremost Finance Company in Sri Lanka.




We conduct our business by conforming to the ethics of our country and share the social responsibility towards the less fortunate.


We respect our competitors and recognise their contribution to the Finance Industry.


We live up to the expectations of a responsible organisation by providing customer-focused financial services.


We respect each other as individuals and encourage cross functional teamwork while providing opportunities for career development.


We make every effort to ensure that the environment is protected and conserved for the future generations.


We provide a reasonable return while safeguarding their investment.

Synergy, Stability, Service, Sharing


When one plus one is greater than two, synergy is at play. The synergies of Singer Finance with Singer Sri Lanka have come to mean a lot particularly to customers and shareholders of both. Sharing shop space, serving each other’s customers and leveraging each other’s know-how continues to translate into saving cost, boosting market growth and accelerating innovation.


The steady growth of our business volumes and particularly the growth of our deposits stand testimony to the trust that we have earned. Trust is the cornerstone that brings stability to our business. Naturally, great attention is paid to ensuring that we hold fast to the solid principles and business practices that are enshrined in our 160-year old parent brand. As a result, we attract like-minded stakeholders as would be seen in the relatively low non-performing loans ratio of 1.78% and the low staff turnover rate.


Trust, innovation, convenience and empathy are important attributes that make our service stand apart from the rest. From prompt delivery of payments to suppliers to tailor-made repayment schemes for individual customers, and easy access to an island-wide network of branches our service is also supported by an online real time ERP.


Customers, employees, suppliers, the Government and shareholders mean a lot to us. We continue to provide one-of-a-kind service levels to customers and we continue to hold the welfare and well-being of our staff at the highest standards. Our suppliers enjoy the promptness in our delivering on our commitments to them as the Government does in our growing contribution to the Exchequer. Our shareholders enjoy steady dividends.