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Preferred USER NAME will be subject to availability. If the preferred USER ID is assigned already, Singer Finance will contact the applicant to offer alternative IDs.

In consideration of Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC pursuant to my/our request making available to me/us Online Banking facility, Therefore Herewith I/we agree to be bound by the following terms & conditions:
1. To restrict the use of Online Banking facility exclusively to the person/s named
2. Not to discuss or disclose the user ID/Password/Personal Identity No. (PIN) required for use of Online Banking facility to any other party at any time and under any circumstances and to treat such as strictly
3. Upon becoming aware that the user ID/Password/PIN has fallen into the hands of any unauthorized party to report to the Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC immediately.
4. To accept full accountability for all transactions processed from the use of the Online Banking facility.
5. To accept Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC record of transactions as conclusive and binding for all purposes.
6. Not to hold the Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC liable, responsible, or accountable in any way whatsoever for any
loss or impairment whatsoever arising by any malfunctions or failure of the Online Banking Facility or on the failure or delay of Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC to act on instructions given through this medium.
7. Notwithstanding to and without prejudice to the generally of the provision of (6) above the use of Online Banking facility shall be at my/our sole risk and I/We also accept any and all risk, incidental to or arising out of the use of Online Banking Facility.
8. That the Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC has the authority to revoke the account holders right to give instructions to the Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC using Online Banking facility, at any time, without prior notice.
9. If the Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC at its sole discretion believes that such instructions do not derive from the account holder, Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC is not bound to carry out the instructions given through this approach.
10. Joint account holders are inter-alias jointly and severally bound by these terms and conditions and are jointly and severally liable for all transactions processed by the use of this facility irrespective of whether the instructions have been given by one or more of the Joint Account Holders.
11. That Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC shall be at authority to terminate the facility at any time without prior notice to me/us by revoking the facility.
12. All rules and regulations governing the operations on Savings, or any other account shall be applicable to Online Banking transactions relating to such accounts.
13. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC reserves the right to diverge these terms & conditions and applicable fees at any time and without prior notice.